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It’s not often you find a great new WordPress plugin which genuinely helps with website acceleration, besides the usual caching type plugins. A certain exception to this is Optimus.io – an image optimisation plugin which uses lossless compression techniques to ensure your pages not only load faster, but that you can win those important customers that land on your site.

Lossless Compression

Lossless compression is a technique used to vastly reduce file sizes, whilst maintaining image quality. Optimus promises that the visual appearance of your treated images will not change in any way at all! The plugin works by reducing the original image and any preview images of that image. A clear advantage of Optimus over competitor plugins is that this plugin squeezes the file sizes of all the sizes and thumbnails for that image, and not just the original image.

Why Choose Optimus?

There are many benefits to using Optimus, all of which can be found on their website. Let’s go through a few of these.

  • Reduction of file size with no change in image quality
  • Automatic optimisation of original and preview images
  • Compatible with both WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce
  • Developed by people with several years of experience in the area of “image optimisation”
  • Minimisation of traffic thanks to smaller images
  • For SEO & readers: improved page loading times

Using Optimus

“When may Optimus be useful for my site?”, I hear you ask. Optimus is a great plugin for any site with images on it (which these days is most). Ecommerce sites, corporate sites and portfolio sites will all need to be fast when loading, and they’ll be serving lots of images to visitors daily.

After installing the plugin, you’ll be invited to optimise your images. You can do this via the Media section of the WordPress dashboard, or you can optimise all of your site’s images in one go. Besides these methods of optimising, there are also some options which you can choose, such as whether to retain the original copies, or whether you intend on using the added security which HTTPS brings.

Optimus settings

Transparent Pricing Plans

Besides the free plan, there are two transparent pricing plans, both of which are for 1 year of usage with no hidden costs attached.


Buy Optimus.io

Interested and want to learn more about Optimus.io in more detail? Make sure you visit the landing page today, and get yourself signed up to a very useful plugin at a great price.

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