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Hummingbird Web Solutions has been working in the WordPress arena for a while now and started off by acquiring ChimeraThemes, CTRTheme, SurveyFunnel and other popular WordPress products. Around October 2013, they decided to bring together all their WordPress products into one single offering – and that’s how WPeka Club was born.

It started off with just 8 products and has grown to over 100 products. 42 WordPress themes and 61 WordPress plugins are on offer now. New products are added regularly and active members get access to all new themes and plugins. You can cancel your membership at any point and still continue to enjoy the products even after your membership terminates.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase just one product and get access to updates and support for one month. However, getting access to all products makes more sense really!

Some of their most popular products are:

  • WPLegalPages – Legal Policy Generator – WPLegalPages has got you covered legal pages-wise with 17 ready to use templates like Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Affiliate Disclaimer and more.
  • SurveyFunnel – Helps you create catchy, slide-out surveys that can boost your audience interaction and directly target your visitors. You can direct customers to the right content based on their preferences, just as you would do in your brick-and-mortar store. Redirecting them to the correct mailing list after understanding their requirements, helps you to send targeted offers that match their needs.
  • WP-Answers – Question and Answers (Q&A) Plugin – With WP-Answers, you can add a question answer forum to your site and fetch content straight from the Stack Exchange community, further enhanced by your site’s visitors.
  • WPAuctionSoftware – Complete Auction Plugin – WPAuctionSoftware can be used to create eBay style auction sites. It has all the features you could possibly need for an auction site – Payment processor integration, invoices, Watch Listings, Reserve Price, Buy It Now and more.
  • WPLocalPlus – Local Business Listings Generator – WPLocalPlus enables you to add the latest local business data to your site and supplement it with relevant ads as well.
  • CTRThemePlus – AdSense WordPress Theme – CTRThemePlus helps integrate WordPress sites with AdSense and includes multiple responsive sub-themes to choose from.

Check out WPeka Club’s Plugins and Themes and let me know what you think.


With WPeka Club, you can:

  • Access 100+ WordPress plugins and themes
  • Stay updated with new features, critical bug fixes and compatibility features
  • Cancel your membership anytime
  • Continue to use the products on your site even after your membership is over

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