Should WordPress Ship ‘Hello Dolly’ and ‘Akismet’ With Every Installation?


WordPress was initially used for blogs, but now 23% of active websites are being powered by WordPress. In the past few years, WordPress has grown exponentially. With every installation, we get the swag from WordPress in the form of two plugins and a few latest themes. Most of us delete these commodities right away.

In a recent research on active Facebook groups for WordPress, we have seen that 90% of users delete Hello Dolly, while 65% WordPress users delete both Akismet and Hello Dolly right after installing WordPress (stats updated after the discussions in both the groups). These stats made me ask the question in the biggest and the most active WordPress community of Facebook, Advanced WordPress.

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I tried my best to keep the discussion on track, but it’s not an easy job with such insightful and informative comments. I cannot post all the 113 comments, but, AWPers can see the thread and others can join the Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook to check the full comments.

Discussion started with the agreeable comment posted by Jean Galea from WP Mayor.

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Donnacha chipped in with a funny comment on Hello Dolly’s description, liked by 46 people. :-O

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Hosting providers tend to offer different packages of plugins with the installation of WordPress. Nikole Gipps highlighted about a few hosts and highlighted some more stats about Hello Dolly.

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And then there is a long emotional discussion between Nikole and Donnacha regarding both of these plugins when Jean interrupted with his voice, reminding them that is a community project.

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Here comes the point I mentioned to you above, I had to keep this discussion on track. I still waited for them to end it because the debate was healthy and sensible. What’s next? It still continues.

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I do not agree much on the ‘free’ concept. When you are working for a open-source community, you have to take care of the user’s voice. Donnacha is confident on the history of Open Source Software movement.

Jeff Chandler from WP Tavern claimed that Hello Dolly would last with WordPress for an indefinite time.

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This ended the discussion for me. Jeff has a vast experience with WordPress plugins and themes. His comments are valuable for the WordPress community. Although the discussion doesn’t stop here, there are few people who download Hello Dolly to learn and write their own plugins. Others believe that I hate the two plugins developed by Matt Mullenweg. Seriously? Well, let me clear it again. In all honesty, my intentions are positive. I want to have a healthy debate on what should be the community’s voice on Hello Dolly and Akismet. The involvement of core developers may help in getting the best solution of this discussion.

Ahsan Parwez from Cloudways pushed his words to call Matt Mullenweg to the discussion.

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Matt is a busy guy. Let’s hope that he finds time and join us to contribute to this discussion with his thought provoking comments and ideas.

Final Notes

WordPress is a community focused open source content system (CMS). Several developers have and are still contributing to ensure its complete supremacy within the CMS industry. This is one such debate that has attracted WordPress lovers. Such positive debates is a vivid proof that there is a big and a hyper active community around WordPress. In my opinion, it would be greatly beneficial for the WP community if someone takes the responsibility to answer the questions clearly. We belong to WordPress. It makes us a family. We live around it and help each other with our queries. These debates can be fruitful for the future of WordPress and its growth.

There are host of WordPress experts who can join in to share their views on this discussion. Feel free to post your suggestions below.

This post was written by Syed Waseem Abbas. We are very grateful that Syed Waseem has written this post for us, however, the views expressed here belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of wpContent.

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