An Interview with: Cosmin Cotor (Envato Community)


It’s time for another Envato Community interview – today, I’m speaking with Cosmin Cotor (cosmincotor), a ThemeForest and CodeCanyon author from Romania. Let’s get right into it!

– Who is Cosmin Cotor? Tell the readers who you are, and what you do.

Hello, my name is Cosmin Cotor, I’m 25 years old and I’m a freelance web designer from Romania.

– How and where did you learn your skills?

I started learning about web design in high school when I also encountered IE6 and HTML for the first time. A nightmare, and I hated both! While IE6 and HTML didn’t do the trick for me, Flash did, and I started learning ActionScript 2, at first just to be able to do some animations and play around, but that quickly turned into a passion, and I loved it!

One day, when I was searching for a tutorial and some freebies I stumbled upon FlashDen (now ActiveDen). I didn’t know back then what it was and how I could use it, but one day I gave it a go and created a file, uploaded it and to my surprise it got accepted and started selling. “And so it began!” :)

I began learning more and more about Flash, and also moved onto ActionScript 3. Everything I know now, I’ve learned from tutorials and simply by working with all these great technologies.

– You’ve been an Envato Market member since 2010. When did you become an author?

I’ve been a member of Envato since 2008, when it was called “Eden”, and Flash was still alive and kicking. I signed up to become an author, so I’ve been one ever since. While Flash was slowly dying, HTML and CSS evolved, and so did most of the browsers (except the one I shouldn’t mention… IE…) allowing users to create more interactive websites.

I thought I’d give HTML/CSS another try, and upload a file to the newly opened marketplace, ThemeForest. The template was accepted and it started selling really well. From there on, I’ve dedicated more of my time to ThemeForest while also focusing on freelancing.

– How has Envato positively (or negatively!) affected your life?

I uploaded some of my templates and in a short period of time customers were contacting me for custom projects. Selling items on Envato Market has allowed me to spend more time on development rather than looking for new customers, and really polish my skills as a developer.

When I first joined Envato, there were around 56,000 members – well, that escalated quickly!


With over 4 million members, it’s not hard to get noticed and keep yourself busy. Envato Market is a great place to showcase my projects and be able to work with some inspiring, like-minded authors and buyers.

– Tell us about your new project, Placeder.

As I was working on a few new projects, I found myself in need of some placeholders, but I’m not a big fan of third party services and relying on them, so I thought I’d make my own and make it fit my needs. I spent a weekend putting together Placeder and the beta was out on Monday!

Once everything was working, I decided to share it with other fellow developers, as a free service. The website allows users to create simple placeholders using a custom URL. The images generated can be either PNG or JPEG. There are plenty of options available for users to create the perfect images for their projects.

– Where did the idea for the product come from? Is it something you’ve got bigger plans for?

I’d used other similar websites in the past, but didn’t like them, so I thought, “why don’t I create my own?” – and Placeder was born!

I knew I could rely on it, customise it and use it as I wish, without worrying that it may be taken down some day, and removed from the web. The website will evolve in time, and I plan on keeping it updated and working for as long as possible. New features will be added to improve the website further, and allow users to customise the images created as much as possible. Suggestions are always welcomed! :)

– What’s next for Cosmin Cotor?

It’s hard to say what will follow, but I am working on a few new projects both free and premium and I hope I’ll be able to release them soon. WordPress has also been something I’ve been working with for some time, and I’ve released themes in the past, some of them are still available on ThemeForest, so I may go back to building new ones. I’m keeping myself busy as always!

Cosmin Cotor

– Anything else you’d like to share?

If you’re a web designer or developer and you believe in your projects whilst enjoying what you do, you will reach your goals as long as you don’t give up! Always accept criticism, and keep in mind, there’s always something new to learn.

We’d like to thanks Cosmin once again for his great answers! If you have any more questions you’d like to ask Cosmin, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to pass them on to him. For more info about Cosmin’s Envato products, visit his portfolio.


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