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WordPress is one of the easiest ways to launch a website. It’s user friendly, has thousands of plugins and themes to choose from and has an enormous amount of online support. Thanks to this popularity, someone looking for WordPress help has a lot of options to choose from. You can watch tutorials, read articles, learn through trial and error, ask questions on forums and much more.

However, one option you might not have considered is working with a WordPress tutor. TutorGrams.com is one option for finding a WordPress tutor but you can also post a wanted ad on Craigslist, ask reputable WordPress developers if they would be interested in doing some tutoring or find someone through your social network.

There are three main perks of using a WordPress tutor, and here they are!

1. Time Saving

A lot of WordPress questions can easily be answered with a Google search, but some problems will be stubborn. They might be unique to the way your site is configured, they might be difficult to fix or the solution might simply not be posted anywhere. This is when using a WordPress tutor comes in handy and this is when you can save time. Instead of scouring the web for a solution that may or may not work on your own site, a tutor can quickly provide you with a fix and an explanation. You can then use this explanation yourself to solve similar problems down the road.


2. Set Your Own Pace

A lot of WordPress tutorials and courses may be too slow or too quick for your liking. They will likely gloss over concepts you’ve never encountered or spend too much time on topics you already fully understand. With a tutor, you can decide exactly how fast a lesson is going. You don’t need to move on until something is clicking and you can fast forward the lesson as soon as something makes sense.


3. Lessons Tailored to You

You tell your tutor what you’re interested in doing or learning and they will build a custom lesson plan for you. You only focus on the areas of WordPress that matter to you. No more wasting time on topics which simply don’t matter to you.

Another consideration is that everyone is using a slightly different version of WordPress. The theme, plugins and settings you use all change the way your WordPress site works. A tutorial video, article or course might not be specific to your configuration of WordPress. It will likely give you generic instructions that may or may not apply to your own site. However, a tutor will be able to give you instructions and explanations, which are specific to the way your WordPress site is set up.


Final Thoughts

Are there other advantages you can think of for using a WordPress tutor? What learning method has worked well for you? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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