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Over the past few years, Cloud has become a key player when it comes to web hosting. The ease of scaling important resources, like storage, traffic bandwidth, etc., has made Cloud the superstar in the field of web hosting and it is because of Cloud, we are seeing amazing web hosting services appearing in the industry on almost a daily basis.

Among this hustle and bustle of technological developments, Cloudways, a Malta-based Cloud hosting company, has emerged with a different and unique vision of providing ultimate convenience to its clients. Since its inception in the year 2011, it has managed to make good progress. Within a short span of three years, the company has become a trusted brand among web agencies around the world.

After seeing success with its Enterprise Cloud solutions, Cloudways launched a dedicated Cloud hosting platform earlier this year.

“The motive behind launching our Cloud Platform was to give people the convenience to host their website on a speedy infrastructure without the worry of managing it,” tells Saad Durrani, Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. “The Cloud Platform is super-easy, especially if you are a WordPress user.”

And, yes, Saad is right. When you create a WordPress 4.0 server on Cloudways using Amazon Web Services, it only takes seven minutes. YES! Seven minutes on AWS! It took around four minutes on DigitalOcean. Creating servers takes time, but not on Cloudways. When checking the admin panel of WordPress, you’ll see that W3 Total Cache was already installed. No wonder, WordPress websites on Cloudways are super-fast from the very first day.

VMAN: The Secret Sauce

Well, it’s not quite a secret. Cloudways have been open about their optimization technology which is named “VMAN”. This technology has four main ingredients: Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx. They have configured this technology in such a manner that only the best comes out of it. Cloudways claims that it makes your website up to 50% faster, which users have already seen results from.

However, that’s not the only secret power of the Cloudways Cloud Platform. In the following paragraphs, I’ve highlighted some strengths (and few weaknesses) of this emerging Cloud hosting brand.

Dedicated, Secure, and Fully-Managed Cloud Servers

Cloudways does not compromise on security! The iron-clad and foolproof security regime in place guarantees that your server never gets bogged down at any time. The team of experienced Cloud engineers at Cloudways ensure that the OS and firmware of all the Cloud servers are patched on a regular basis. Furthermore, all servers launched on the Cloud platform are dedicated ones. This means if one server is compromised, there will be no effect on other servers.

Every server has its own dedicated IP. Plus, the automated monitoring system keeps a check on the health of every server. If one goes down due to any reason, it tries to reboot it before emailing the owner for manual intervention.

You also get automated daily backups which means your data loss would be of only a day if something untoward happens to your websites. The backups are stored offsite in order to keep the data safe and secure.

Multiple Applications on a Single Server

Do you want WordPress Multisite? They have that. Do you want to run an entirely separate WordPress installation? You can do that too. One of the amazing things about Cloudways Cloud Platform is its ability to handle all sorts of WordPress hosting requirements. But that’s not it. If you want to install your PHP application, you can do that as well.

Awesome Management Console

One of the most important features of Cloudways platform is a powerful and feature-rich console. This is really a fantastic tool that helps you monitor more than 15 vital components of application and server management. It provides you the opportunity to keep a bird’s-eye view on the real-time data regarding your website. Both application and server management are essentially easy with a user-friendly dashboard, through which you can set your server-related metrics. If you want to increase the bandwidth or disk storage size, you can easily carry out both operations by setting the desired bandwidth and storage space via the console.

Plus, pointing your domain name is very easy. You just have to set your records correctly. You can create a staging areas too by installing additional applications on the same servers.

Scalability and Cloning

Cloudways offers vertical server scaling. You can scale your server through the powerful console as per your desired requirements. And, you know what? You can also clone your server to develop a replica of your application server. By using this feature, you can easily test your new application just before integrating it within the original website.

24×7 Reliable Customer Support

If you are facing any problems with your server, you can always interact with the dedicated customer support team live. Yes, Cloudways customer support team is available round the clock to address your concerns, even at Christmas.


The pricing plans depend on the infrastructure you choose. There are two different calculators for Amazon (AWS) and DigitalOcean infrastructures. The pricing starts at $5 for DigitalOcean and $42.32 for Amazon (AWS) plans. This means Cloudways has a plan for everyone. Furthermore, the pricing works on a pay-as-you-go mechanism. This means you pay for the infrastructure (or any overheads) at the end of month.

And, There Is More…

A lot more! These guys have loaded their Cloud Platform with great stuff. You can automate transactional email delivery via Gmail SMTP and SendGrid SMTP. You can manage code via Git. You can get email inboxes for your websites. Oh yeah, and if for some reasons, you want to use an older version of WordPress, they do have a separate PHP hosting stack where you can install a version that they do not have. However, I think one should always use the latest WordPress version no matter what.


Yes, there is a but (or a quite of few of them). Many things, like SFTP, SSH, and MySQL Manager, are browser-based. So, there is a bit of learning curve. Furthermore, after creating a WordPress Multisite server, it takes a few minutes for things to settle in. In comparison with other things, you expect this to be speedy too. Then, this issue comes at random intervals. I hope they’ll fix it. (However, they have a great support team, and they’ll help you if the issue persists.)

Then, there is the problem of scaling down on DigitalOcean plans, but it’s not Cloudways’ fault. DigitalOcean does not have this option by default.


Cloudways Cloud Platform is a unique product. It seems to serve anyone and everyone. If you are a newbie, you will have no problem in managing your website on it. If you are a coder, you will find great flexibility in it. Similarly, it suits all budgets. If you are running a personal website with low traffic numbers, the 5-dollar DigitalOcean plan is good enough. If you have a large news website with millions of visitors every day, the XXL plan of AWS is mighty good.

So, if you are interested, check out this link and start your 30-day free trial now.

This post was sponsored by Cloudways. The views expressed here belong to the sponsor, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of wpContent.


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  • Arthus

    Another BIG con : IP change when scaling your server !!

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      That’s a limitation from DigitalOcean. Your IP won’t change if your scale on Amazon.

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    Thank you for the awesome review. On behalf of Cloudways team, I highly appreciate your words. The things mentioned by you are under consideration at our dev department. We vow the best results with all the apps on our platforms.

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