How to Activate Maintenance Mode in WordPress


As someone who runs a WordPress site, there are times when you need to redesign your website, need to integrate functional changes such as design modification or speed enhancement, and for a majority of those times, you might look for new plugins. During this time, you need to block your website from the access of outside users as there are security risks. This situation of blocking a website from the public view is commonly known as Maintenance Mode.

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There are a variety of ways of putting a website into a maintenance mode. This enables you the ability to display a message to your visitors that you are working on fixing some issues and you’ll return as soon as the issue is fixed.

Why Do You Need a Good Maintenance Page?

  • Your visitors get to know that your website is under maintenance
  • You get to post specific reasons for your site’s downtime – it will not leave a bad impression in your visitors mind.
  • When you stop visitors from browsing a website which is going through the maintenance process, it reduces the chances of errors popping up, which saves your visitors from seeing your website in a state of flux.

WordPress’ Built-in Maintenance Mode

It is worth knowing that the platform comes complete with its own built-in method for displaying a maintenance message to the audience.

Whenever the site owner runs upgrades on themes, plugins, or core of the website, WordPress automatically generates the message by creating a .maintenance file, containing a message which emerges on the screen as soon as the visitor lands on the website.

But sometimes conditions go wrong and you need to put your website under maintenance for a longer period of time. At this time, a maintenance mode plugin comes to the rescue! There are a variety of plugins that can help you generate a better maintenance mode page while allowing you to continue working with the back-end processes.

Among all of those plugins, the Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin is the most sought after among the online players. The plugin is an easy and fast way of putting a website into maintenance mode without annoyingly pushing your visitors away.


Features of Ultimate Maintenance Mode

  1. Using this plugin, it’s extremely easy to enable or disable the maintenance mode in just a few clicks. You can also display the time your site will get ready to be launched again.
  2. The plugin comes with a default theme, which can be displayed automatically the moment you’ll activate the maintenance function. However, owners can also use their own themes by creating a 503.php file and uploading it to the theme directory.
  3. The plugin is simple to use and gives you facility for adding custom headings, messages, and background image.

Installing Ultimate Maintenance Mode

  • First, upload the plugin from the repository.
  • Go to the Plugins menu and activate it.
  • Now, go to Settings, click on Maintenance Mode and set the options accordingly.

However, there are some more useful plugins that you can use for quickly creating a page that is under construction.

Other Useful Plugins

1. Easy Maintenance Mode

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The plugin is a quick and easy way of displaying a maintenance mode page for your visitors. Let’s take a quick look at some of its main features:

  • The plugin is compatible with multiple WordPress themes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple admin settings and offers an easy way for changing background colour, images, fonts, style etc.

2. Easy Pie Maintenance Mode

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The plugin offers a simple way for conveying your visitors that your website is going through maintenance. And, some quick features:

  • The plugin is extremely easy to install and use.
  • The option to choose between four professional looking themes for displaying the maintenance mode page.
  • Change the look of the title page, header, and description without any need for coding knowledge.
  • Facility for adding your own logos for a personal flair

In Summary

So, it’s not that hard to put your website under maintenance mode. All you need is to use the plugins offered on and create messages for your website’s visitors whenever your website is going through some changes.

Whenever a website is going through a functionality change, webmasters put their website into maintenance mode. This way, they will disable access to their website, while creating a nice looking page that clearly explains that the website is going through some construction process.

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  • adeem jan

    I agree that its important we learn how to switch our website to maintenance mode. Just recently I had to switch from my former hosting company to a new one due to issues that caused my site frequent down times. I moved my files to the new host but were it not for the maintenance plugin, I would have lost visitors who would think that my site is broken. Thanks for sharing and this will help everyone.

    • Sam Berson

      Hey Adeem! Thanks for reading and commenting – I’m glad you found the post useful :)

  • Ben Pines

    Hi Ben, Just wanted to point out there is now a built-in and free way to actually design the entire maintenance mode page, using Elementor Page Builder, without having to compromise with ready made templates.

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