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We have all heard the numerous praises of WordPress. It is the best CMS out there to create your website with. Using WordPress you can create incredibly complex and beautiful websites, without needing to stress over it.

But alas, there is a downside to all of this – all the plugins and extra functionalities are what creates your dynamic WordPress website. And, every time a user loads the website, the browser has to load all the elements individually every time. This, unfortunately, can take a lot of time. The answer to this problem is – WordPress Cache Plugins. They create a static version of your website for your visitors, reducing your page loading time by as much as 10 times.

But why use a Cache plugin? What is the importance of it? Read on to find out.

Importance of WordPress Cache Plugins

Well, for one, no one likes a slow website. An average user’s attention span is very short, and your tortoise-like website might scare away countless new potential visitors. So, the first important reason for having a cache plugin would be to improve the user experience.

The other reason is for Search Engine Optimization of your website. Search Engines, specifically Google, is the primary source of all your WordPress site’s visitors. But for that to happen, Search Engines must know you which is only possible if your website is “Search Engine Optimised”. Though if you have a slow website, it is not going to help your cause. In simple words, WordPress Cache Plugin equals quicker websites which, in turn, leads to good SEO.

So, with all the explanations done, let us now proceed to the main show which would be the list of the Top 3, WordPress Cache Plugins.

Top 3: WordPress Cache Plugins

The good news is that, in the world of Cache Plugins, most of the popular ones are totally free. Most of the time, you don’t have to spend a dime to improve your WordPress website loading time considerably. But, there are also premium plugins which might interest you if you are looking for something more than the ordinary.

1. WP Super Cache – Free

The first one on our list is “WP Super Cache”. This plugin is the most popular caching plugin out there. The reason being is that it does its job pretty well. It promises to deliver static files to 99% of your visitors by caching files in 3 ways: mod_rewrite, PHP and Legacy caching. For those who don’t see the static files, the website will still load faster for them than the un-cached files.

Although the plugin has a lot of options to customise, it can be pretty simple for newbies. You just need to enable caching from the easy tab, and the plugin will start doing its job.

2. Quick Cache – Free

WordPress Cache Plugins are highly configurable, but that is meaningless if you don’t know how to use them. This is where Quick Cache does a great job. Quick Cache is a highly powerful and customisable WordPress Cache Plugin along with helpful explanations. For every option, there is an explanation that tells you what the recommended setting along with the reason is. It does not bog you down with too many explanations, and does its job by delivering high speed websites.

The explanations are easy to follow and can be very helpful to achieve the optimum performance.

3. WP Rocket – Premium

WP Rocket is a rare commodity in the WordPress Cache Plugin business. It is one of the few ones that charge for using their plugin. So, what is keeping them in the business when there are pretty good free caching plugins?

Well, the folks here at TricksBags and OKay Marketing, have done conclusive tests to prove that WP Rocket is much better than its free rivals; sometimes decreasing the page loading time by more than half of its competitors.

Some of its features might be able to explain those findings. Firstly, it compresses your static files to create even quicker loading times. And secondly, it uses the ‘images on request’ technique used by Facebook for faster loading.

In Summary

To sum up, WordPress Cache Plugins are an important tool to improve your website’s user experience and SEO. There is no one single plugin that can meet the need for all websites. I would recommend you to try out all the plugins, to determine which one works best for you.

If any of these plugins work for you or if you have used any other caching plugins, feel free to share them in the comments below!

This post was written by Shihab Sultan. We are very grateful that Shihab has written this post for us, however, the views expressed here belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of wpContent.

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