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The best thing about having a WordPress site is its versatility. There are millions of themes and plugins available allowing you to create any type of website you want. One of those plugins types that can be extremely helpful for your site are WordPress ratings plugins.

So, why would we need these plugins for our WordPress websites? Let me give you a quick example. Remember, and how each of their products have a review/ratings system? That is how customers can publish whether the current product is good enough or not. And, that is one of their biggest attractions. The customers like the fact that they know what’s good and what’s bad from others experiences.

The same thing applies to your website. These plugins are used to rate and review blog posts and compare products and services. They can help you in knowing whether these posts are effective or not and what kind of posts are popular with your readers. Additionally, they help your site in search engine rankings while allowing the visitors to have a more interactive experience on your website.

Let’s explore some plugins which can help with this! The plugins I mention here have one single purpose: to allow feedback. But, they do it in a lot of different ways, and that is the beauty of having such a wide variety of plugins.

1. WordPress Advanced Rating System

WordPress Advanced Rating System (WARS) uses the most classic method of rating – the 5 star (or 10 star) rating system to allow the users to rate your posts. This is the same method used by major websites such as Amazon or Google Play Store.

It basically adds a rating option box either at the top or bottom of your post. Once there, the user has the option to rate your post. After doing that, the rating box updates and displays the aggregate rating along with the number of stars.

WARS gives the option to change the style of the ratings. You can change the stars to hearts, music, or any of the six other various shapes. This will certainly appeal to a broad category of readers, from music to fashion! Of course, you also have the option of changing the colour of these shapes too.

But, the best thing about WARS is the widget feature, which allows you to show the top posts according to the ratings in the sidebar of your website. This will increase your site’s ranking and its popularity among users.

All in all, I would say WordPress Advanced Rating System is a pretty handy plugin to have, and is worth the money, considering the benefits it can bring to your WordPress website.

2. Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is a more comprehensive WordPress review plugin, compared to WARS, with its focus on the author rating a product or an item inside his post. Along with that feature, it also has a similar star rating system to the one which WARS uses.

So, how does it work? Let’s take an example, again. is a very popular software and application website. Most of the apps have an editor review in them. The editor reviews the software and gives his rating to the software. This is exactly what Taqyeem does. It allows the author to review/rate something. The same goes for a movie website such as As such, it is very important if you have a website about movie reviews or music reviews, or any other products reviews!

Since Taqyeem also incorporates the rating system of WARS, it is a good choice for a review plugin. Although, the widget option in WARS is pretty handy, and this plugin doesn’t have that feature. Now for our final plugin!

3. WPolling System

WPolling system is a WordPress review/ratings plugin with the focus on polls as the mode of feedback. Along with the traditional star rating system, it also has the option of ‘liking’ blog comments, providing yet another feedback option.

Let’s start with the polls. These allow you to ask your readers their opinions on a matter or topic. It can be helpful in getting feedback, to know if your readers are interested in buying or using a certain product, and polling can definitely be a strong tool for finding out your target market and audience. Alternatively, it can be used to increase user engagement around your site.

As I mentioned before, you can also get stars or ratings for your posts. And, last but not least, there is an added feature of comment ‘likes’. This is just like the Facebook likes system where you can ‘like’ a comment. Similarly, readers can also ‘like’ blog comments allowing the readers to have an interactive discussion. Therefore, WPolling is another great choice for a ratings plugin.

In Summary

Now you’ve read about these three plugins, you might be asking which one you should be using. I’d recommend WordPress Advanced Rating System, as it’s one of those plugins that is going to work with many different types of WordPress sites.

If you’ve used any of these three plugins, or have another suggestion for a WordPress Ratings plugin, please feel free to leave a comment below!

This post was written by Shihab Sultan. We are very grateful that Shihab has written this post for us, however, the views expressed here belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of wpContent.


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