Integrating Google Authenticator With Your WordPress Site


As we all know, WordPress sites aren’t totally secure, and do get hacked frequently. One of the ways to attempt to combat this is by adding a Two Factor Authentication (TFA) method to your WordPress site. Google Authenticator is a free mobile app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry users which is great for TFA, and works by randomly generating a short number which expires after a few seconds.

Then, the generated number is then typed into the login form in addition to your standard username and password, and if your username, password and the code are all valid, you’re logged in! In this post, you’ll learn three ways in which you can integrate Google Authenticator with your WordPress site.

1. Google Authenticator for WordPress

This free plugin for WordPress gives you TFA using the Google Authenticator app for mobile devices, and is really simple to setup.

Simply install the plugin in the normal fashion, enter a description in your Profile page, in the Google Authenticator section, scan the generated QR code on your mobile device, tick the Activate button, and click the Update Profile button. That’s it!

Google Authenticator for WordPress

2. Google Authenticator by XLT

Another free plugin to integrate Google Authenticator into WordPress is this plugin by XLT. This plugin works in the much the same way as the one above, though is much simpler in terms of features and setup.

Google Authenticator by XLT

3. 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection

This is a premium plugin, which adds the standard Google Authenticator system to your WordPress site, claiming that “nobody can hack you even if they know your password”. The plugin boasts “complete brute-force attack protection”, and “famous 5sec concept for easy setup and usage”.

5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection

In Summary

I’m sure you’ll agree that using any of these three plugins on your WordPress site would be a good idea, as enabling Two-Factor Authentication, especially Google Authenticator, is a great way to protect your site from attacks.

If you’ve any of these three plugins, or have another plugin which you’d like to suggest, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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