Managing a Multi-Author Blog – Sam Berson (WordCamp Manchester 2014)


So, after a lot of preparation, it’s time for me, Sam Berson, to take to the stage! I speak on the topic of multi-author blogging – specifically talking about how I manage this site, wpContent!

The Slides

View my slides on Speaker Deck:

An Introduction

I begin by speaking about who I am, and with a quick bit of background information regarding the site. I then offer a quote from designer, Mike Moloney, which “really sums up what this presentation will cover”.

Finding Quality Contributors

I now talk about finding the writers for your site, from other blogs such as Tuts+ or personal sites, freelance sites such as oDesk, word of mouth, and form submissions on the site itself.

Organising The Posts

Trello is a free productivity tool I use to manage the pitches and posts. They get due dates added to them, and really allow the authors to get their work done.

Managing The Team

Emails, Skype (& Trello) are the three methods I mention in this section. Email is great for fast responses and organisation wise, it’s great. Skype is good for quick calls, but is sometimes very informal. Trello offers a very interactive method of communication, though is much more public than the other two methods.

Article Submissions & Editing

Posts are submitted to the WordPress site directly with a special contributor user role, and once posts are sent, they’re edited and checked for punctuation, capitalisation and formatting issues. Featured images are designed, links are checked and added correctly, and the author footer passage is added.

Giving Feedback

I briefly mention some of the things I do to give authors feedback, including sending them an email, offering how they can improve, and explaining what I’ve changed. I then say what not to do, such as being afraid to ask for another revision of the post, publishing feedback about authors on Trello, and reviewing posts too slowly. 24-48 hours is ideal for the editorial process.

Publication & Promotion

In this short section, I mention how often to publish content – small blogs, once or twice per week; larger blogs, three to five times a week; blog networks, at least once a day. Posts should be promoted on social networking sites as soon as they’re published, and links should be sent to sites like ManageWP, Reddit, and other WP communities (or any relevant sites for your chosen topic).

Final Words

“The Cycle Repeats!” I end with questions, and a quick discussion regarding outgoing links on the site, and how I can improve that area of my SEO. I invite the audience to tweet me, and then finish the presentation!

Update 11/10/14: The video is now live!


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