An Interview with: Jenny Wong, WordCamp Manchester 2014


Earlier this month, I bought my ticket for WordCamp Manchester 2014, and I can’t wait to go! After speaking with one of the organisers, Jenny Wong, I was really interested to learn more about her role as an organiser, as well as WordCamp in general, as I’ve never been to one before.

– How did you become involved with WordPress to begin with?

During my second year of uni, I got an internship with a company as a web developer. One of the jobs I got given was to develop part of the PHPNW site and they happen to run on WordPress. One thing lead to another and now I develop predominately with WordPress.

– Where did you first hear about WordCamp, and what made you get involved?

Because of my internship, I knew about and had experienced PHP conferences and the community around them. I stumbled across the fact there was a WordCamp happening in Edinburgh and after enjoying the PHP community, I wanted to give a WordCamp a go. One of the highlights of my first WordCamp was being able to meet Paul Gibbs who helped me so much when I was working with a BuddyPress project.

– Which WordCamps have you been to previously, and what did you like about them?

WordCamp Edinburgh, Lancaster, London and Sheffield. The thing I like about all of them are the people you meet and the different views and opinions you get to hear about.

– What made you want to organise this year’s WordCamp in Manchester?

As much as I am a fan of travelling, it’s not ideal for everyone and gets pricey real quick. So when Mike Little mentioned that he wanted to do a WordCamp Manchester and was looking for people to put a team together, I put myself forward. I love inspiring people, giving back to the community and with my experience of helping to organise PHPNW confs, its the perfect opportunity for me to give back to my local community.

– How does it feel to be working along side Mike Little, the co-founder of WordPress?

Mike is a lovely person to work with. Working with both Mike and Phil has been a joy and its been really fun to work with them both on this project.

– Is there anything else you’d like to add?

WordPress is an open source platform which means without volunteers maintaining it, WordPress is nothing. WordCamp Manchester is running a contributor day to support people with contributing back to the WordPress community. It is not an event for only users who are developers but it is also for users who are polyglots or can answer a question in the WordPress support channels. Manchester WordPress User Group’s June meeting will be talking extensively about what people can do to contribute back to the community and getting set up.

If people are interested in both events, feel free to follow the @wcmcr Twitter account and keep an eye out on the website as well as the WCMCR website.

WordCamp Manchester 2014 is being held at Manchester Metropolitan University, on Saturday 28th June and Sunday 29th June. To learn more about the event, click here.


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  • Adam McDonald

    Nice interview. I wanted to go to WordCamp this year, but none of the UK dates are convenient. Ah well!

    • Sam Berson

      Not to worry – there’s always next year! :)