WordPress vs Ghost – The Pros and Cons


John O’Nolan’s “Ghost” took over the blogging world by surprise when it announced itself a couple of months ago by starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the start of a free open-source blogging platform named Ghost.

The Kickstarter project that he started got four times more than what it aimed for. That just shows the amount of interest and demand there is for a platform like Ghost which specifically focuses on blogging. So, does that mean WordPress is going to have a tough competition from the Ghost users or is Ghost just another fizzle that is going to die out soon? Let’s find out!

The main inspiration behind starting Ghost was to create something that’s simple and beautiful as opposed to WordPress – so let’s see if they kept their promise.

The Dashboard

Ghost has put a lot of thought into their interfaces and this is visible on their design of the Dashboard. It is simple, yet has all the information you need. It gives you quick statistics of your website on the right and the info about your posts on the left. Yet when you compare this to the dashboard of WordPress, it’s more formal and not so eye-catching. So in this aspect, Ghost is a million times better.

The Post Editor

Ghost has a brilliant and a beautiful method of writing. While you’re writing on the left, you can see its exact preview on the right. To do the same thing on WordPress, you would have had to open a new tab to see the preview. At the same time, the WordPress Post Editor is cluttered with options, whereas Ghost is simple and to the point. In this section, Ghost wins again.

In Summary, Ghost has a beautiful user interface that should appeal to everyone as compared to the WordPress UI which is dull and complex.

CMS vs Blogging Platform

This is where things get slightly ugly. WordPress is not just a blogging platform – it’s a fully-fledged CMS which has thousands of themes and plugins to help you to create and manage your website. On the other hand, Ghost is only a blogging platform. If you are a blogger – then it’s great. But if you’re not, then you can forget about Ghost.


So CMS wise, WordPress is the winner. Remember, WordPress is a feature rich and great CMS, though the UI could definitely be improved. Ghost is great for blogging… only! Great interface, but also difficult to install.

Ghost has great promise but until it’s improved considerably, WordPress will rule.

This post was written by Shihab Sultan. We are very grateful that Shihab has written this post for us, however, the views expressed here belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of wpContent.


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