Why Should I Avoid Uploading Large Images to My WordPress Site?


How long is your attention span? What happens to you when your computer’s stuck or a website is not loading. Your hand starts to fidget. You move around the cursor and finally when the website loads – you release a sigh of relief. This all happens in a matter of seconds. That’s how fast the world has become. That’s how fast your page should load. And how to ensure that your page loads faster? Read on.

Worst Case Scenario

Let’s look at it from the bigger picture. What happens once you start to have slow and sluggish webpage? All your new viewers will be unimpressed by your website and will never come back. Your loyal readers? The website will test their patience until finally they decide to never come back.

The Result: Loss of thousands of viewers.

The Solution: Smaller Image Size

One of the things that we always try to do is add an image to our post. Adding images to a post is just like adding spices to your food. You are making your post tastier and attractive to your viewers. Yet, the biggest downside to adding these is that it results in a massive increase in page loading time.

Each photo you upload from your camera can be up to 10MB. Imagine a person with a typical internet speed – it would take for him up to a minute to load this webpage. By the time this happens, your website is already out of the game. If you want to see how image size can affect your browsing experience – take a look at this website.

So how can we reduce the size of our pictures substantially without losing quality?

You can use freebies like FILEminimizer Pictures (Windows) or ImageOptim (Mac) to reduce the size of your pictures by 99%! That can dramatically reduce the loading time of your site.

Using CDN Services

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) can also make your site insanely fast and increases your ranking in search engines. As an added bonus, it also saves your bandwidth costs from your hosting provider.

So how does a CDN work? A CDN basically makes copies of your files and stores them in different servers around the world. So when a user asks for a file, numerous different servers can work up at the same time to give these files to all the different users around the world, therefore reducing the loading time and speeding up your site.

The Best CDN to use? WordPress users have a unanimous view when it comes to the best CDN on the market: CloudFare. It’s been in the market for 15 years and reduces your website bandwidth by upto 60%. That itself gives a massive boost to your website. Best of all, basic accounts are free!

If you want other CDN options, click here for other awesome and free CDN services.

In Summary

Let’s recap what we’ve learnt. Slow websites are bad for visitors and these can be sped up by reducing the size of the site’s images and using CDN services. Voilà!

Enjoy and until the next article, happy blogging!

This post was written by Shihab Sultan. We are very grateful that Shihab has written this post for us, however, the views expressed here belong to the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of wpContent.

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