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In this world, there are easily more than a whopping 70 million websites that are currently being powered by WordPress. And the numbers are sure not slowing down any time soon. Fortunately or we can say unfortunately, this means there’s a barrage of companies with WordPress hosting solutions flooding the internet these days. As of today, WordPress has been downloaded more than 20 million times. With more than 26,000 plugins available in WordPress database, it is simply the undisputed leader in Content Management System (CMS) industry. Since its inception, WordPress has made an unprecedented progress, which is evident from its hefty market share within the industry. An overwhelming 98% of the business websites are being developed on WordPress 3.8. A new version, WordPress 3.9 is to be released shortly, with three beta versions already out in the market. Truly it is the reigning champion of the CMS industry.

So in this post, I have put together a list of 5 companies I’ve found to be the best when it comes to providing WordPress hosting services. Considering everything from features to pricing to client support and other factors, here are some of the safer bets for you to choose from within in the industry:

1. WP Engine

Relatively new but backed by funding from the WordPress founders themselves, WP Engine has amassed an enormous number of subscriptions in just a couple of years. And the reasons are pretty simple. Hosting with WP Engine will rev up your site speed to an incredible extent, thanks partly to their in-house cache system ‘EverCache’. Security measures are robust and hacks are fixed without any cost. The best part about this company is, it offers a ‘staging area’ where you can test out your themes, plugins and PHP code tweaks before letting them go live.

So all in all, WP Engine is a top pick in sites providing managed WordPress hosting. Their pricing plans include packages for $29, $99, $249 and higher. The higher costs are one aspect that WP Engine customers often complain about. But if you can afford it, the number of features you get with this service is not bad at all. Joe is actively working on social channels and his approaches are clear.


2. Cloudways

The buzz around this company is surprisingly small. Their products are simple, but users say WordPress hosting with Cloudways can be a fulfilling experience. The company has been around since 2009 and the clientele are loyal, with a recommendation rate of over 95%.

They have two hosting products: The Click&Go plan is designed to serve individual bloggers/designers/developers or small businesses. The application management console is extremely easy to use, and everything from site deployment to monitoring the site and resolving issues is a matter of clicks. This package is priced at $46 per month. They also provide a staging area, where you can test your plugins, templates, and other features. With Cloudways Click&Go you get an unparalleled managed security and real time backups for your websites. They also provide 24x7x365 customer support services for their clients.

The second product is the Power Cloud plan – the more powerful, costlier and feature-rich package designed to serve bigger enterprises. You will get a full custom cloud design, implementation and management service. Barring any thing that requires changes in coding, you will get all the application, server and security support you ask for. The package is priced at $99


3. Media Temple

No surprises there. Media Temple has been in the industry since 1998 and is another trusted name in cloud hosting. The company’s motto, it’s all about customer convenience, and its significant market share backs their claim. Recently, they have been in the news for launching their new, premium WordPress hosting platform. You’re allowed to host three managed WordPress websites at a competitive price of $29 per month, with additional ones allowed at $9 more, each. For a speedy website, easy-to-use templates, security and backup, Media Temple offers an attractive deal. And just like WP Engine, they have a ‘staging area’ to experiment with changes as well.

Media Temple

4. Dreamhost

Dreamhost specializes in shared hosting, which is a very basic service. But I included it in the list anyway because if you’re a small entity with a few thousand visitors per month, and are looking to make your site fast and secure at an affordable price, Dreamhost may be the way to go.

At $8.95 per month, you get unlimited hosting space and bandwidth, a one-click WordPress  installation functionality, faster speed and a more or less dependable customer support.  They have scheduled downtime, but not ones that are too disturbingly frequent.


5. Siteground

Siteground is over 10 years old now and has built up a customer base that appears to be satisfied and loyal. They have packages for shared, VPS and dedicated Web hosting. Like all major hosting providers, they promise 99% uptime and are seen to have delivered it for most users. Cloud hosting packages range from $69 – $139, while the prices for managed, dedicated hosting packages range between $229 – $429. Site speed is generally impressive. Live phone and chat support is available 24/7, and enjoys an actually good repute. However, they charge $50 per hour for premium support on managed services.



With the release of WordPress 3.9 merely a few days away, the trends in the CMS industry are likely to continue with no one near to challenge its all conquering supremacy. WordPress stands at par and enjoys a formidable position within the CMS industry. This blog post provides comprehensive yet concise information about five leading companies engaged in providing WordPress hosting services.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article! Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below. If you know about more companies providing similar services, do inform us by sharing your ideas in the comments section.

Please note that this blog is published to share information and educate masses. This blog does not rank the credibility or standing of the firms included.

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