An Interview with: Travis King


This week, I did a quick interview Travis King from Envato, to ask him a few questions about what he does!

– Firstly, please describe what your role is at Envato, and what it entails.

My official title with Envato is Community Officer. It sounds a bit ominous, and it certainly doesn’t describe what I do! I work with the amazing Community Team and we make sure that our vast community of buyers, sellers and learners are being looked after in the best way possible. As our team grows and evolves we’re always trying to improve on how we listen and communicate to our users.

– When did you get your job at Envato, and how?

It was small gradual steps that led me to my current position with Envato. I started off as a staff writer at FreelanceSwitch and slowly grabbed as many little jobs with Envato as I could. I could tell right away that it was a company I wanted to work for, so I shoved myself in as many places as I could. There was a time when I was invoicing 10-15 different small jobs a month. I think Envato hired me on full time just to make the accounting department’s life easier.

– Is there something which you particularly enjoy about your job?

I love the flexibility. Envato has been on the forefront in allowing its staff a great deal of flexibility in where and how they work. I live in a very remote area of Canada and the fact that I can work hand in hand with an Australian company is pretty amazing. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to do a job like this 10 years ago.

– How does it feel to work remotely from the rest of the team? Is it a positive, or a negative of the job?

Overall, I find it a very positive experience. I find my productivity is greatly increased by working remotely. Of course, it can get a bit lonely, but with Skype and Hangouts we’re trying to get our share of virtual face-to-face time. I don’t get a lot of Skype requests, which could indicate that no one wants to see me face-to-face. Also, a trip to Australia is certainly an option, particularly during a beautiful Canadian winter.

– What are a couple of the best things you’ve ever seen on the forums?

I really enjoy the wide diversity of culture and experiences on the forums. We have such an international community that it’s always interesting to see and hear what’s going on in author’s lives around the world. We’re currently running a competition on AudioJungle to show and give a story about you favorite musical instrument. I love reading the stories and seeing the creativity from within our community.

– Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to thank everyone in our community for the passion and skill you bring to our company. It always makes my job interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for being awesome!

We’d like to thanks Travis once again for his great answers! If you have any more questions you’d like to ask Travis, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to pass them on to him. For more info about Envato, visit their website.


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