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The WordPress industry is evolving day-by-day. Its communities are also growing and the contributors welcome the newbies open-handedly. I interviewed two of the most active WordPress experts who are growing more and more with the new sun daily.

For those who don’t know Suzette Franck and Ahsan Parwez, then let me give you a little introduction of these two shining stars in the WordPress industry. Suzette is the WordPress evangelist at Media Temple whereas Ahsan is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. Both of them are actively working to serve the WordPress community.

Me: How has the WordPress Industry evolved over the years?

Suzette Franck, MT: When I first started working with WordPress, it was known as a blogging platform, and that was my original introduction to it. Once I grasped the main concepts of WordPress, I saw that it was capable of being an awesome content management system for websites, and could also be used as a web application platform. The extensibility of WordPress has created many jobs and people are becoming more specialised in their product and service offerings.

Ahsan Parwez, CW: I was looking for mediums to create a free blog on the internet. I came across many platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr and many more, but I was impressed by Since then, I have grown fond of WordPress and learned more about it. The thing is WordPress has become such a powerful platform to build just about any kind of website. Thanks to the ever growing support of developers, designers and companies, WordPress has become choice of many beginners and experts to build websites. I am seeing it becoming an industry of its own.

Me: How do you see the future of WordPress industry?

Suzette Franck, MT: In the future of WordPress, I see even more specialisation in providing WordPress related services and products as well as an increase in WordPress’s popularity as an application platform.

Ahsan Parwez, CW: The use of WordPress is very common and sometimes I am simply amazed by the websites that are built using WordPress. The future of WordPress is bright and I see more features coming to WordPress enabling us to build just about any kind of website. Also, I see it becoming a source of data presentation tool.

Me: Would you like to share your thoughts about the recent developments and trends in WordPress Industry?

Suzette Franck, MT: The push towards having WordPress autoupdate itself on minor versions is a huge step forward in progressing WordPress as an application to support its continued growth and popularity in the community.

Ahsan Parwez, CW: I am very excited for the new WordPress 3.9 release. When I tested the current version, I was totally blown away. Looks like WordPress will become a powerhouse to build just about any website. It can also be used to make applications.

Me: Which plugin have you found most interesting? Which theme would you recommend to your followers?

Suzette Franck, MT: One of my favourite plugins is CodePress Admin Columns, which allows you to tweak the user interface of the admin screens that display pertinent information in a tabular format. Custom fields and other post related information can be hidden or displayed. This makes managing posts and other tasks much easier to view and sort. A great general theme that has a lot of options and is responsive is the free theme, “Customizr“, which is located in the WordPress repository. It offers a minimalist clean look with many options to customise the aesthetics of your site.

Ahsan Parwez, CW: There are a few plugins in my list that I deploy on every new site. But if you ask which interests me, I would have to go with WordFence. I really appreciate the work of the team behind WordFence. They are doing an excellent job in making WordPress websites more secure. For the theme, my current favorite since its launch, is the “Writr” theme by Automattic. It has a simple design that is fully responsive with few good customisation options. I use it on my site too.

Me: How has cloud technology/cloud computing affected the current trends in WordPress industry?

Suzette Franck, MT: The ability to access data and applications from any where is very exciting and the possibilities are endless.

Ahsan Parwez, CW: Cloud technology is just amazing. The use of Cloud storage is spreading fast and my dependency on it is so much that I cannot imagine a day without my files and app on the Cloud. Many people in WordPress community have utilized cloud storage for online backups of their sites. Also interesting fact is many big WP powered websites are opting for Cloud Hosting rather than simple shared or VPS hosting.

Me: Any message you would like to share with your followers/new WordPress lovers?

Suzette Franck, MT: Always keep on learning and never stop being curious.

Ahsan Parwez, CW: Be a community guy or girl! It is best to stay in touch with other people who love WordPress too. You never know what you might learn something new from these people.

These two WordPress enthusiasts can help you in just one tweet or message! They are both generous and lively people. You can follow them here:

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