An Interview with: Hassan Jahangiri


A while ago, I wrote an article about a WordPress plugin called ‘Hide My WP‘. I finally managed to secure an interview with the plugin developer, and here it is!

– Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do.

My name is Hassan, a 27 year old developer from Asia. I’ll be graduating this year with a masters degree in software engineering. Having weird ideas was my passion since my childhood and since that time, I’ve been trying to learn how I can bring them to life and make useful stuff out of them. Currently, my interests are in social networks, mobile apps and (of course) WordPress development!

– What made you signup for CodeCanyon?

Back in 2009, I had a premium membership plugin named ‘CMS Members’. I sold it along with some other cool stuff on my website as at that moment CodeCanyon hadn’t really started out yet. ThemeForest, however, had already begun with lots of creative products and a wide range of buyers. It seemed interesting, so I registered there and began seeing how it all worked. A year later, CodeCanyon was added to marketplaces!

– Where did the idea for ‘Hide My WP’ come from?

I’m an idealist! I spent around 2 years of my life creating a niche social network for WordPress. One of main concerns at that moment was security because WP is a valuable target for both bots and hackers. I also didn’t like people knowing that I used it for my social network. So I tried to change it as much as I could in order to remove all footprints. Sadly, it was not an easy job, but finally I did it successfully. As I said, I had previously registered with ThemeForest so I focused my time in order to make a really great premium theme, but I could tell it was going to take too long. Trends and technologies changed too fast, by which point I’d have to make another one! It happened again and again and so I ended up starting that same theme two or three times right from the beginning! Finally, I understood that it may never get finished so I made my steps smaller: a premium WordPress plugin that I already spent a lots of time on which may be useful for other WP users. And there came the birth of ‘Hide My WP’.

– What’s the best part of being an Envato author?

Being an Envato author is really exciting! Everyday you see lots of fantastic works from your competitors so you constantly try and educate yourself to learn new things. You also have access to a wide range of customers. Most of them are developers too so you should provide high quality and creative work. I also like the idea of the small increase in commission. This increases your income slightly after every milestone and engages you with the ecosystem.

– What will your next product be?

As I said, my first idea for the Envato Marketplaces was a WordPress theme. So hopefully, my next product will be that theme! Currently, I’m involved with a few projects related to mobile apps and social networks. I hope I can finish them soon and start working on that theme in order to make that dream come true!

– Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks Sam for inviting me to do this interview with you. WordPress is a great thing! It allows people to share their thoughts or start their own small businesses easily. The Envato Marketplaces are really great as they allow small developers to present their abilities online and pay some of the bills too! If you have something to present to the world, your time is now. Stick at it, take small steps, and you’ll be well on your way to success :)

We’d like to thank Hassan for agreeing to this interview with us. If you have any questions you’d like to ask him, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to pass them on. You can view his CodeCanyon portfolio here.


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  • Maya

    Hassan’s works are great!

    I expect to hear more about him in near future.

    • Sam Berson

      I totally agree – he’s a really inspiring and hard working developer!

  • hasangad

    Hide my WP is must have plugin … thanx to you Hassan … by the way .. my name is Hassan too :)

    • Sam Berson

      Glad you like the plugin! Hassan is a great name :-)

      • hasangad

        Thanks Sam :P) .. everybody i knew using WP likes this amazing plugin … very good effort … waiting for more creativity from Hassan :)

        • Sam Berson

          Me too – he’s a really great developer!

    • Hassan Jahan

      Thanks Hassan! Thanks Sam!

      Currently I’m working with another guy and his name is Hassan, too ;)

      I hope I make better works with better support!

      • hasangad

        Allah yebarek feek ,” God bless you ”

        go ahead (Y) … waiting for your creativity :)

        • Sam Berson

          Yup, standing by ;)

      • Sam Berson

        What an awesome coincidence! :)

  • Peyman Naeimi

    Good luck Hassan.
    I’m so happy to know ‘Hide My WP’ plugin developer!

    • Hassan Jahan

      Thanks Peyman!
      I’m happy to have great supporters like you, too!

      • Peyman Naeimi

        Hassan sorry for this personal question. I want to know that where are you from orginally? (Iran?)

  • Arta

    Behet eftekhar mikonam. be page man ham to codecanyon sar bezan. artaweb

  • Fran Moreno

    Very good interview. Congrats :)