An Interview with: Carmen Angerer


I recently chatted with Carmen Angerer to ask her a few questions about her work at Envato as the Senior Community Officer.

– How does it feel to work for such a great company as Envato?

Working for Envato is a truly inspiring experience. Every day I am lucky enough to interact with an amazing community of creative people who are working hard to promote their skills and in some cases, run their own businesses. The Envato community inspires me because there are so many people from different walks of life, from all over the globe, working hard to achieve their dreams. There is also a lot of knowledge sharing, which I think is important and commendable for a creative community.

– Where did you first hear about Envato?

I first heard about Envato a few years ago, I actually studied journalism at University and we were creating audio feature stories for radio. I stumbled across AudioJungle and although I didn’t buy anything, I promised myself I would return! From memory I was looking for some stock audio, which I ended up making myself. It was a choice I regretted, especially because the AudioJungle options are of a much higher quality than what I tried to palm off on my tutor!

– What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about working with Envato is learning every day. It’s like being in a room with the smartest people you have ever met. There are so many people working for Envato who are based all over the world. Everyone comes together, bringing a wealth of incredible experience and passion in their jobs. It’s a melting pot of creative and intelligent people and it’s as inspiring as it can sometimes be intimidating. The best part is, you never feel like anyone is unapproachable, even Collis.

– What do you think to the really great community on the Envato Marketplaces?

I love the Envato community, I honestly do. Through interacting with authors and buyers I have met some incredibly fun, creative people and have even made a few friends along the way. I think the best thing about the community is that most users genuinely support each other and want to share their skills. I think that’s an incredibly valuable and admirable quality in a group of people from all over the world.

– Tell us about your accident when you fell off a dance floor podium!

Haha – oh that! It was my 22nd birthday and I went out dancing with a large group of friends, it was a really fun night, lots of laughing and doing silly dance moves. Suddenly I decided to jump up on the podium and join some of my friends. I had these ridiculous shoes on and I was up on the podium for about 2 minutes before I slipped, fell and sprained my ankle so badly that I couldn’t get up! As you can imagine it was absolutely hilarious and mortifying at the same time. Luckily my friends took it in their stride (no pun intended). They carried me out of the club and took me home. It was a really fun night, but I paid dearly for thinking I was worthy of dancing on the stage, I was on crutches for a week!

– Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I have learned a lot since I’ve been working at Envato and most of it is from the wonderful community. Recently when pursuing one of my own creative endeavours, I realised that like most artists, have a huge fear of rejection. It was then that I remembered how many rejections our authors go through and how so many of them bounce back and get items accepted. It made me bite the bullet and get over my fear. Putting yourself out there takes guts and getting rejected just means you go back to the drawing board. I’m proud of our authors and it makes me happy to know that I’m learning from them.

We’d like to thanks Carmen once again for her great answers! If you have any more questions you’d like to ask Carmen, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to pass them on to her. For more info about Envato, visit their website.


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